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  • Pickwick’s courteous and professional chimney sweeps use only the latest tools and home-safe equipment to guarantee the finest and most efficient chimney cleaning around: Quick, efficient, and all at a price that’s nothing to “blow smoke at,” beggin’ your pardon.

A kiss for good luck? Sure. Why. it’s all part of the job. Heh, heh . . . kind of like job benefits, eh? In fact, that’s a tradition that’s been around . . . well, as long as there’s been sweeps to kiss! Personally, I expect it’ll I be around for a good long time.

Pickwick safety tips

And remember these Pickwick safety tips so that all your “home fires” are by choice . . . not by chance.

    • Reduce the chance of chimney fires with a thorough once-a-year cleaning.
    • Never overload your fireplace with too many logs.
    • Never use charcoal, lighter fluid or kerosene in your fireplace.
    • Regularly inspect loose bricks, crumbling mortar, or other signs of wear.
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