Chimney Sweeps in Florida?!


Sure. I know it sounds a bit curious… but long about the time that chimneys first started appearing in Florida, Pickwick left the scenic, smoke-filled London skyline behind and settled into practicing our trade in the warmer climate of the New World.

All right, all right. So maybe it didn’t happen exactly that way. However, since 1978 Pickwick has been sweeping Central Florida, providing complete, professional l chimney sweep service on all types of fireplaces, oil heaters, and wood I stoves. And, to top it off, we also install chimney caps — to safeguard your chimney flue against rain, animals, debris, clutter, and to prevent embers from going where they don’t belong.



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So who needs a chimney sweep?” you might ask. Well, I would say, anybody who owns a chimney. Fair enough? You see, after a while soot and creosote begin to build up in your chimney. Now, everyone knows that soot is just part of having a chimney. Fine. But so is creosote. That’s the crusty stuff left over when soot and smoke gases condense. It’s also flammable and has been the cause of untold thousands of chimney fires all over the country. Scary thought, eh? Yet all this can easily be avoided by a quick and thorough once-a-year cleaning by Pickwick Chimney Sweeps.

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